Two kitchens in Westchester

These two kitchen renovations in Westchester, NY feature a traditional kitchen and another in a 'transitional' style. Transitional designs blend modern and traditional elements.

Two Cooks Traditional Kitchen

The traditional kitchen renovation in Westchester has two sink wet areas to serve two cooks who often cook together, so both can prep food at the same time. Traditional style can be seen in the three pendant light fixtures above the island. Notice the island has one of the sinks. Meanwhile, on the main run of countertop against the wall is another sink and stove. The sink and much of the countertop gets good natural light from a wide window. The window looks out onto a large deck and lovely wooded area behind the property. When we design a kitchen we always take into account the property around the home, the home’s architectural style, and interior. How your kitchen relates to its environment is an important design consideration.

The cream painted cabinets from Plain and Fancy are in a simple Shaker style. The island countertop has a color matching the cabinets, while the supporting base cabinets are in dark oak with nooks for guests to sit at the island. The dark-toned cabinet hardware complements the black main run of countertop. Sink fixtures are also dark to match all hardware in the kitchen.

The kitchen opens to a dining area. In one corner are open shelves for spices with a backsplash of handmade and handpainted tile. The owners are fiddlers and have cutting boards in a fiddle shape. We created a design and picked materials to reflect the warmth and earthy personal tastes of the artistic owners. See our other gallery of Kitchen Renovations in Nyack.

About the Transitional Kitchen

Modern elements can be seen in the Island with a dramatic waterfall countertop and small round sink. The natural vein features of the countertop lend relief to its geometric shape. The countertops have the look and feel of natural stone, but they are an engineered product called quartz made of tiny particles of ground stone. Because of engineering, these countertops can mimic almost any other stone, so quartz opens many creative possibilities. The backsplash tile extends around the full perimeter of the room. The tile pattern is geometric while retaining a traditional feeling.

Lighting above the countertop has a contemporary look. The owners have modern tastes as can be seen in the red chair and seating in the island nook. Hardware on the cabinets is geometric in shape. The cabinets themselves show a simplicity of design similar to cabinets of the Craftsman era. An abundance of natural light hitting the light cabinetry and countertops gives this large kitchen an airy feeling. This kitchen renovation in Westchester retains a warm feeling by working some traditional elements into its more contemporary design.

The cabinetry used in both kitchens is very similar. This shows the influence of the cabinet hardware in making the cabinets appear more ‘traditional’ in one case and more ‘contemporary’ in the other. It’s the little things that can make all the difference!

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