Getting Started

Getting Started on your kitchen remodeling project

  1. Have a budget in mind. Your final choice of materials and appliances will make a big difference in how well you stick to your budget, but we will help you navigate your choices to stay within your budget.
  2. Collect designs from home magazines that appeal to you. You could also go to websites like to get ideas and print out images you like. Any images that appeal to you will help us get to your goal.
  3. Imagine and dream about what you want and need out of your remodel. A wish list is a must as a place to start – put it on paper. We’ll help you get there.

Working with your kitchen designer

  1. First we need to look at your project together and talk about how we would work together.
  2. If you decide to retain us we will come to your house to take exact measurements of your space. Then we will draw a design proposal that addresses your concerns and ideas.
  3. Upon settling on a design the next phase is material selections expressed in earlier conversations. We revise until we agree on the final plan.
  4. Now we finalize material selection and style and appliance details. With final drawing and material selections we can order your project.
  5. Retain a contractor to install the project. The contractor’s quote plus our quote will give you a good idea of the final cost.
  6. Construction begins and we will manage the schedule of material deliveries and address any issues that come up during the installation process.
  7. We manage the entire project to completion. This will spare both you and your contractor countless headaches remodeling your space.
  8. We will assist in referring capable contractors for your job if needed and will answer any design questions that arise.
  9. We stay available to you and your contractors until your project is complete.