Kitchen Design Services

We are professional kitchen designers

Besides addressing the whole layout and design challenge of your kitchen, we also select and specify a combination of beautiful and harmonious materials. Stylish kitchens are a hallmark of our kitchen design services. A beautiful kitchen comes from far more than just the cabinetry you choose. There are many more considerations – what backsplash tile to use, countertops, paint colors, lighting, and electrical plans, planning the perfect place for a piece of artwork, cabinet hardware, trims, large kitchen appliance choices, and more. Style and beauty come from how all the elements visually complement one another.

Kitchen Design Services certified by the NKBA

You can be confident in the NKBA Certified Kitchen Design Services of McManus Group.

Maggie McManus, C.K.D., owner and chief designer at McManus Group, is among the first group of Kitchen Designers in the United States to be certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association – NKBA. See our NKBA McManus Group profile to learn more.


A new kitchen well suited to you

Even though your kitchen will be new with updated materials, appliances, and layout, it needs to reflect the character of your surroundings. A key to giving your kitchen that ‘settled in’ feeling is to respect the architectural integrity and tone set by your home. Your finished kitchen will be inviting to your family and friends, customized to your use and practical requirements.

Custom storage solutions can make it easy for you to find and access anything you need when and where you need it. Your mixing bowls, small appliances, cooking utensils, carving knives, spices, and oils may naturally belong near your cooking area – not across the room. Cups, glasses, and dishware may be handy near your dishwasher, countertop, or dining area, depending on your space and how you use it.

Learn more about custom storage solutions in our kitchen design blog.

Our kitchen design approach is guided by a simple principle expressed by Pearl Buck

Pearl Buck said Order is the Shape upon which Beauty Depends

“Order is the shape upon which beauty depends”

– Pearl Buck

We believe that a high-functioning kitchen is the foundation of a successful kitchen remodel. A beautiful, high-functioning kitchen can improve your daily life for years to come. 

We work as a team with you and your contractor to bring your kitchen design ideas to life

  • You supply your kitchen ideas and vision.
  • We supply the materials we have chosen together.
  • The contractor supplies construction materials and installation.

The team becomes you, McManus Group, and your general contractor all working together, resulting in a strong chain of accountability, smooth decision making, and efficient workflow. McManus Group frees your contractors to do what they do best – demolition, carpentry, and installation. We hand off a complete kitchen design plan for your contractor to follow. We remain available to your contractor to assist in keeping the job on track so your kitchen will be installed according to plan.

Our best practices have proven to be a winning formula for a wide range of successful kitchen, bath, and home remodeling projects.