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Maggie McManus, C.K.D.

Maggie is the owner of McManus Group in Nyack and has been in business for over 20 years designing kitchens, baths, and many other architectural interiors in every style of home. Maggie was among the first to be certified in Kitchen Design by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). While serving on Nyack’s Architectural Review Board for over 10 years she worked to help maintain the Village of Nyack’s unique character and architectural style. Maggie’s design sensibilities have been shaped by extensive world travels, college studies in France, and from growing up in a family with two acclaimed architects as her uncles.

Maggie likes having a library card, and enjoys reading and writing creative non-fiction in her free time. She’s an avid gardener who loves native plants such as ferns, hastas, and native trees. Maggie also has a love for music and dancing, and plays rubboard in a zydeco band!

More about Maggie’s professional credentials at NKBA.org.

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Maggie McManus is the Owner of McManus Group Inc Kitchen Design

Kathryn Martin

McManus Group Kitchen Designer Kathryn Martin

Kathryn has been the Principal Designer at McManus Group since joining the company in 2017. Before entering the kitchen design field she worked in the fashion industry as a retail display and store layout designer. She has a passion for choosing a blend of beautiful materials to bring richness to every Kitchen she designs.

In her free time she cares for her creative 5 year old daughter and enjoys keeping her happily occupied. If she had more free time she would love to be snowboarding in Colorado. Kathryn grew up on a farm in Maryland with her two brothers. Like Maggie, she has a love of dance and was on the dance team in college. Her daughter is studying ballet and tap at a local dance school.