Maggie McManus - February 1, 2018

A Westchester, NY condominium gets a makeover

Westchester kitchen renovation becomes the beginning of a whole house makeover.

This Briarcliff manor Condominium had beautiful classical property and a simple but non distinct architectural style. It’s new owners saw its potential to become the home for their significant art collection and distinctive furnishings. Through their lives they have collected and inherited both modern and very early furniture, objects, carpets.. They are truly eclectic, both with highly developed sense of style……both opinionated, both creative.

They contacted me to interview to renovate their Briarcliff manor kitchen. I saw the bones of their Westchester home and noted that there was nothing horribly wrong with the space but it was nondescript.

As they showed me around their home they told me about their values, their taste, their aspirations for their new home. They were modernists with a love of beautiful art, furniture, objects no matter what century they came from. This condominium offered a canvas to accommodate their aspirations including lots of wall space for their art collection and a beautiful atrium which floods the center of the space with natural light.

They wanted to start with the kitchen. The existing kitchen was a traditional white paneled door.  The layout  was inefficient, outdated and there was no detailing in the millwork. They hated it. I couldn’t disagree.

I was delighted when they hired me to design the space. This was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration which transformed their kitchen into a Transitional style space.

A critical decision in the design plan was to use “church paneling” throughout the kitchen and add a mudroom and home office desk space for mail, calendars, bills, books. These two decisions changed the traffic patterns into the kitchen, gave better organization of shoes boots coats and set the architectural style for the future renovations.

A transitional kitchen reinterprets the aesthetics of traditional kitchen to cleaner more simple lines. This does not mean sterile or plain. Transitional kitchens are rich opportunities for creativity. For example punches of color, textiles, art, dramatic lighting , personal collections. This transitional kitchen renovation in Westchester shows how you can achieve the clean lines and function of modernity with the richness of varied materials.

Transitional kitchens bring greater efficiencies to the functions of the kitchen defined by ones current lifestyle. For example command centers for organizing calendars, schedules ….the life in our modern world.

Mud rooms organized to accommodate the household needs. These functions might include areas for kids to participate in cooking or  do homework.

This Westchester home became an exciting project as we worked our way through the transformation of their space. It has been transformed by creative collaboration and a great team. The art, artifacts and classic furniture all have a home now. Gwen and David have a home that reflects the complexity of their vision.

Pictures will be added once we have them. More later on this project.