5 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Worth Considering

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March 11, 2020

It’s the little things

You may not know this, but kitchen design goes beyond what just the outside of your cabinets look like and dives into the interiors of your cabinets, too. The interior spaces can be designed to comfortably benefit your quality of life. It’s these little things that can make a big difference. These spaces can be designed to organize specific items or categories in your kitchen. Anything from food, to pots, to knives, there are a plethora of what we call interior accessories to choose from. Some clients like the idea of the next layer of organization while others do not. No matter what category you fall into, we have found that there are several interior accessories that are truly worth considering. These ingenious storage solutions will make better use of the kitchen cabinets you choose.

Spice/Oil Pull Out

The problem with spice storage is that the containers come in all different sizes, making it difficult to find an accommodating home for all of your spices. Ideally, oils are stored near, if not with, spices. This pull out is optimal for organizing different sized spices and oils and can be conveniently located in the cooking area of your kitchen. The shelves are adjustable and removable. Just that little customization can help this accessory hold your spice and oil inventory.

Utensils & Cutlery Drawer

Opening your drawer to find your utensils organized in a beautiful wood insert is a small luxury worth taking into account. This highly used drawer works hard and deserves to look beautiful inside and out, a detail you will enjoy for years and years. We also find that putting custom made dividers in shallow but wide drawers assists in organizing large cooking and baking utensils. Imagine a world where you don’t have to rummage to find the pizza cutter. Think about the utensils you have and how you’d prefer them to be organized. Modern clients prefer a countertop less cluttered with either no or a popular few cooking utensils on the counter. Utilizing your drawer space to organize typical countertop items aids in accomplishing this clean look.

Customized Pot Lids Drawer

We designed this drawer specifically to store our client’s pots and pans lids. There are several different ways interior accessories are designed to store pots and pans lids; however, some take up unnecessary space, do not have enough storage space, or are too specifically sized to accommodate a lot of lid sizes. Take inventory of your lids and take the time to crunch through the design of this drawer with your designer. You will be happy you did.

Magic Corner

This interior accessory might seem like a splurge. Still, you will find how magic this cabinet gadget really is in no time. Long gone are the days of never finding or even wanting to know what it is in the corner of your dark corner cabinet. This Hafele Magic Corner holds appliances or pots and pans. It can turn into your baking station, an excellent place for large bowls and baking dishes.


You should not have to get on your knees to get something out of your cabinet. These drawers are designed to hold everything you would on an immobile shelf but glides out from the cabinet for easy access. These are necessary in base cabinets and full depth pantries. These are small splurges that will make a big impact on your kitchen life.

The designers who create these interior accessories are truly innovative thinkers. They are crafted with the end-user in mind. Think about what small luxuries you might want in your kitchen and what will make the room you frequent most, a more enjoyable experience.

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