Kitchens, Baths & Home Renovation

We address the whole kitchen remodeling challenge: the layout, function, style, and materials. We follow your kitchen renovation’s progress from start to finish.

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McManus Group has continued meeting our client’s kitchen design needs and taking on new work during the Covid-19 crisis. Construction and manufacturing have resumed and we are seeing a pent up demand for renovation as an end of the pandemic is in sight. This could be a good time to plan for your own home or kitchen renovation. Give us a call to get started: 845-353-4433.
Kitchen in Nyack NY with Hudson River View

Stylish Kitchen Designs

YES, but more than that

Our kitchen designs are as high in function as they are in style.  Beautiful combinations of materials are built into a plan customized to serve your particular requirements.

Talent Experience Integrity

Because McManus Group takes the time to get to know their clients, the end result is personal and timeless, reflecting who the clients are and not who somebody else thinks they should be.

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Featured video review

Elizabeth of Cheap Old Houses recorded her impressions while seeing her kitchen renovation for the first time. Elizabeth and Ethan were away filming their Cheap Old Houses show while the kitchen was installed. McManus Group remodeled her small kitchen in keeping with her 1940’s era home. WATCH NOW